HDAA Insights:  Advancing healthcare analytics education

HDAA, in partnership with Rutgers Business School, is proud to announce an online series introducing the profession of healthcare analytics to those interested in the career. Over the course of ten weeks, nearly two dozen HDAA members discussed what it means to work in healthcare analytics.  

Our panelists represent a cross-section of healthcare provider organizations-- major academic medical centers, large integrated health systems, physician practices and community health organizations. They represent a variety of analytics roles, from chief data officers and analytics managers to data engineers, analysts, and data scientists. 

If you’re interested in a healthcare analytics career, or know someone who is, HDAA Insights is for you. Hear from the professionals who actually perform and direct the work. And do the hiring! 

The recordings are available to all. Start with the embedded intro above, or subscribe to our YouTube channel. Episode one -- a day in the life -- is available now; the others will follow soon.

Special thanks for conceiving and helping design this series to Professor David Ding, Assistant Professor and Director of Master of Healthcare Analytics and Intelligence at the Rutgers Business School.

Season one's episodes:

  • A day in the life. How do healthcare analytics professionals spend their time?  What are the major sources and types of data?  How do engineers and analysts interact with the rest of the organization?
  • How do we use analytics? How do analytics support clinical care, population health management, finance and operations, and research?
  • How do I get hired? What do hiring managers look for on a resume?  What skills – soft and hard – are most valuable?  How does the interview and hiring process work?
  • Challenges and rewards. Why choose a career in healthcare analytics?  What makes analytics in healthcare different than analytics elsewhere?  What are the challenges to producing meaningful information?
  • Industry trends. What topics are most discussed at HDAA?  What are the cutting-edge technologies?  Beyond the technology, what are the critical processes and operating models that require attention?

We are already planning season two of HDAA Insights. We'll post the schedule on the HDAA calendar and on LinkedIn. Stay tuned.

A huge thank you to the HDAA members who served on our Insights panels in 2022. This program, like any HDAA event, succeeds because of people willing to donate their time and perspectives.

  • Allyson Russell
  • Amy Galick
  • Andrew Figueroa
  • Angela Michael
  • Candice Crawford
  • Christine Kelly-Fisher
  • Dan Ryan
  • Ed Marx
  • Elissa Malcolm
  • Janae Logan
  • Joseph Nahmias
  • Kade Maughan
  • Kristen Dubesky
  • Lanie Esteban
  • Larry Mandelkehr
  • Leslie Kian
  • Lisa Vismara
  • Megan Song
  • Robert Zavaleta
  • Sandhya Chandrasekhar
  • Susan Scott
  • Tim Arnold