• To facilitate greater use of analytical information systems that help lower healthcare costs; improve quality of care; and improve patient satisfaction and safety
  • To advance the state of healthcare data warehousing and analytics by applying lessons and experience from other industries
  • To influence vendors-the fairness of their pricing, the quality of their products and services, their willingness to share our risk, and their understanding of issues unique to healthcare
  • To facilitate the development of standards and best practices that could lower the costs of development and operations for enterprise data warehouses in healthcare 

How does HDAA accomplish its mission?

  • By creating a collegial atmosphere of friends that share lessons learned (both successes and failures) – none of us is smarter than all of us
  • By sponsoring monthly conference calls with peers dedicated to sharing information and collaborating
  • By sponsoring an annual conference for intense learning and professional development
  • By providing a web site with tools to collaborate, such as a tools inventory, forums, and a reference library
  • By focusing on simplicity and minimizing organizational overhead
  • By collaborating – not competing, with HIMSS, AMIA, and other professional groups