epic special interest group

What is it?

HDAA's Epic SIG meets periodically to discuss analytics issues in and around the Epic electronic health record. The group discusses Cogito and Caboodle optimization, Slicer/Dicer and other analytics products that come with Epic. It also hosts conversations about extracting Epic data into external analytics environments.

In 2022, HDAA brought into the fold an external Microsoft/Epic users group. This group now meets as the HDAA Epic SIG. Its primary focus is still on the marriage of Microsoft tools to Epic data, but the conversations extend to non-Microsoft environments as well.

Epic SIG Advisory Team

  • Peter Ivers Johns Hopkins Medicine, co-chair
  • JD Whitlock Dayton Children's Hospital, co-chair

Upcoming events

On July 26 at noon Eastern, Peter Ivers of Johns Hopkins Medicine will present How to select a reporting tool, from the Palette or third party. There will also be an open discussion of single sign-on with Hyperdrive and third-party BI.
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The Epic SIG will host a roundtable discussion at the HDAA annual conference in Miami, November 7-10.

Recently completed events

In July, Peter Ivers of Johns Hopkins Medicine will discuss selecting a reporting tool from Palette or third-party BI. There was also an open discussion of single sign-on with Hyperdrive and BI tools.

Click here for the full archive of Epic SIG recordings. Access to HDAA archives are for members only.

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For more information, or to volunteer for the advisory team, contact Bruce Douglas HDAA Programs